An introductory video to the Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner

See how to use the PlantingPlanner to easily create exciting garden borders with all year round interest.

Acer Palmatum - Garden design ideas from the Weatherstaff PlantingPlannerThe Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner garden design software for creating tailor-made planting plansThe Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner garden design software for creating tailor-made planting plansEpimedium Youngianum Niveum - planting ideas from the Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner

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Plan Screen The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner intelligent garden design software for stunning flower beds - front-cover

Selects the right plants for your garden borders - using your choice of style, mood and colour.

Easy to use

Simple, interactive screens guide you through your options – choose colour, mood and style.

The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner generates stunning planting plans for your flower beds, uniquely tailored for your garden’s conditions.

Ideal for all levels of experience

New to gardening? The PlantingPlanner holds your hand through the whole planning and planting process.

For the experienced gardener it provides new inspiration and up-to-the-minute plant choices.

Full maintenance schedule

Your individualised plan comes with full cultivation and maintenance advice.

Detailed plant information and photographs help you to visualise the final plan.

What makes a successful planting plan?

Creating a successful planting design can involve hours of decision-making. I know – I’ve put those hours in and scrawled lists of plants on countless sheets of paper and backs of envelopes.

The first step is to know your garden...

1. Go on a fact-finding mission.

Check out which areas of the garden catch the sun and at what time of day. In other words, where’s the best place to drink your morning coffee? And is it the same for your afternoon tea?

Know where the wind whips through, creating draughty corridors and which parts still have frost on the ground long after the rest of the garden has warmed up.

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A planting plan generated by the Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner

Weatherstaff demo movie button#youtube_intro_videoFlower Bullet - the right plants for your garden bordersButterfly Bullet - low-maintenance, contemporary, etc. planting ideasLeaf Bullet - stylish planting schemesCalendar Bullet - photos and maintenance adviceFlower bed designs, large and small, displayed in the Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner garden plan screen

Creates stylish planting schemes with stunning year-round impact.

Low-maintenance, contemporary, family, wildlife, etc. - the choice is yours!

Inspiring photographs and full cultivation/maintenance advice.

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Save time, save money, save effort

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Transform your flower borders with planting plans created using the Weatherstaff Planting-Planner The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner intelligent garden design software for creating stunning planting plans Garden border ideas - create stunning planting plans for your flower beds using the Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner

Yes, of course, you can do all the research yourself – study the Plant Encyclopaedias, find plants to suit your conditions, work out how best to combine them for year round interest in your garden borders, look up how to maintain them….

But if you’re short of time, need a helping hand or just want to be out there with a trowel in your hand, the Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner will do it all for you in minutes.

Impulse buys can be expensive, especially if you find that your beautiful new plants curl up and die when they see their new home, or freeze to death after the first winter.

Save money by buying plants which you know will thrive in the conditions of your own garden. The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner will draw up a shopping list of plants ideally suited to your borders.

Create a new plan whenever you want - find fresh garden design ideas.

Tackle new flower beds whenever you’re ready.

The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner will generate as many plans as you need – time after time……

“First rate program for

any horticulturist or just

the weekend gardener…

perfect results from

a mansion house to

a back yard”

Keep Fit Fanatic

Amazon customer

Garden design ideas - acer-palmatum-little-princess

The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner

is a horticultural expert and

garden designer

rolled into one.

System Requirements:

Minimum: 1024 x 768.


1280 x 1024 or greater.

Mac users click here to see how you can run the PlantingPlanner on your Mac.

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View an introduction to the PlantingPlanner

An introduction to the PlantingPlanner

The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner - year-round garden design ideas Garden border planting plan ideas - Spring: Anemone blanda Garden border planting plans with all-year round interest - Summer: Campanula lactiflora Loddon Garden border planting plan ideas - Fall: Amelanchier canadensis orange-pink foliage

Create exciting planting plans with colour and structural interest throughout the year.

Flower bed planting plan ideas - Winter: red holly berries in the snow

Suitable for UK gardens

Outside the UK? Click here for more information.

Small gardens or large

Perfect for a small garden design – or creating planting plans for the flower beds of a stately home.

The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner garden design software for creating tailor-made planting plans

Intelligent Garden Design Software

The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner garden design software for creating tailor-made planting plans

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The Weatherstaff Planting-Planner intelligent garden design software for creating tailor-made planting plans for your flower beds