Sourcing Plants

  • Local garden centres and nurseries are good places to start.
  • Try the Royal Horticultural Society Plant Finder to track down particular plants in nurseries near you. Many nurseries now offer mail order as well.
  • If you can't find the exact variety suggested by the PlantingPlanner, ask at the nursery or garden centre. They may be able to source it for you or suggest a suitable alternative.
  • Flower shows, especially the large RHS ones, will have an enormous variety of plants available from specialist growers.
  • Try the Sourcing Plants Links section on this page.
The bright daisy flowers of the Erigeron karvinskianus plant in a garden border - opening white then soon turning to pinkish-purple

Plant Sourcing Links

Gardening Information

Other helpful gardening information from the gardening community. Check out these Useful Gardening Links for advice, hints and tips, for beginner to experienced gardeners.

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