The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner - compare features

£6.99 per month (paid quarterly)
£6.99 per month (paid qrtly)
Intelligent Planting Plan Generator for automatic plan creation
Ability to “lock” selected plants when re-generating a plan
Ability to exclude selected plants when re-generating a plan
Positioned Plants Screen for manually positioning plants
Designer Screen for drag-drop positioning of plants from plant lists
Plant suggestions when manually positioning plants
Plant suggestions when substituting a plant in the plan for different one
Ability to search for plants by name
Ability to search for/filter plants by attributes (e.g. colour, spread, etc.)
Ability to move, delete and clone manually positioned plants
Ability to move, delete and clone any plants in the plan*
Ability to create your own User Plants to supplement the plants in the built-in encyclopaedia
Ability to use your personal collection User Plants across different plans
Full cultivation and maintenance advice for all plants in the built-in encyclopaedia
Each created planting plan comes with its own bespoke Maintenance Calendar
All plants have detailed descriptions and photos to help visualise the planting schemes
Enhanced printing options for supplying plans to clients
Ability to extract a plan’s list of plants to a spreadsheet
Regular updates to the PlantingPlanner program - new and enhanced features
Regular updates to the built-in encycoplaedia - new plants

* Including the ability to move, delete, clone and edit plants that have been automatically positioned by the intelligent Planting Plan Generator.