The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner Pro - for professional designers and gardeners.

Innovative, horticultural-based intelligent garden design software for creating all-season planting plans for gardens. Flexible interactive tools, working seamlessly with the sophisticated plan-generation engine, give designers full control over the process.

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The built-in Plan Generator and the interactive Designer Functions work together, allowing you to switch between the two “modes” at will. This complete flexibility gives you an infinite number of options for creating exciting, bespoke planting plans.

Who is it for?

The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner Pro is an exciting, new version of the PlantingPlanner, suitable for garden designers and other gardening professionals.

It is also ideal for experienced, amateur gardeners who appreciate more flexibility when tweaking their home planting plans.

Easy to use

Simple, interactive screens guide you through the steps:

  • draw the layout of your borders using the drawing tools
  • enter the garden’s growing conditions, choose colour, mood and style
  • start designing … or click generate…

Create beautiful new flower beds with year-round interest - or revamp old garden borders with striking new planting ideas.

Each plan comes with full cultivation and maintenance advice.

Perfect for a small garden design – or for the sweeping garden borders of a stately home.

How does it work?

The PlantingPlanner Pro allows designers to quickly and easily generate planting plans, tailored to their clients’ requirements.

There are two distinct aspects of the program which work seamlessly together to provide complete control over your border designs.

  • The intelligent Plan Generator
  • The interactive Design Functions

This is what makes the PlantingPlanner unique amongst garden design software programs.

Bright orange flowers of Tulip ‘Prinses Irene’ providing stunning elegance in a spring garden border

The intelligent Plan Generator

Simple screens guide you as you enter growing conditions and specify your requirements for the plan. When you are ready, click to generate a tailor-made border design.

Using complex, intelligent design logic, the PlantingPlanner whizzes through thousands of plant combinations, selecting colours which harmonise (if you want shocking colour combinations - it can do that too!) and finding plants which not only suit the garden’s growing conditions, and your colour and style preferences, but which also work well together to create visually pleasing plant groups for striking year-round impact.

The best combinations are then arranged within a sophisticated structural framework, to create a tapestry of colour throughout the seasons.

The striking delicate white Osteospermum ‘Nasinga Cream’ flowers in an early-summer garden border

The interactive Design Functions

These are powerful editing tools, giving garden designers full control of their planting design.

On the Designer Screen you can filter plants by name or attributes and drag-and-drop them into your plan. You can also move, clone, delete and replace plants. The plants can be ones from the built-in encyclopaedia or ones you add yourself.

On the Planting Plan Screen you can fine tune the “plan generator” – by locking and/or excluding plants in a plan before re-generating it.

The bright yellow-green grass-like Carex Elata gives a bright splash of gold to a garden border design.

Complete flexibility

The interactive Design Functions and Planting Plan Generator work seamlessly together – you can switch between the two “modes” at will. This complete flexibility gives you an infinite number of options for creating a plan.

For example:

  • Start a new plan using the Plan Generator (based on your specified requirements).
  • Switch to the Designer Screen to edit the resulting plan.
  • Exclude any plants that you don’t want in your plan.
  • Re-generate the plan to fill in any gaps you have left.


  • Start a new plan using the Designer Screen to select and position plants.
  • Use the Plan Generator to fill gaps in the plan.
  • Return to the Designer Screen to further adjust your evolving plan.

The burnt orange-red flowers of the Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’ give glorious late summer colour to a garden

The Plan

Each plan comes with colour photographs, descriptions and full maintenance advice for individual plants.

Print out a Plant Shopping List for every plan - or export it to a spreadsheet.

The PlantingPlanner has a built-in Maintenance Calendar, tailored specifically to each planting plan.