What our customers say about the Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner...

“I use it regularly as a gardener - simple and easy. Does a great job !!”

Flowers of the Geranium cinereum ‘Ballerina’ - pale pink flowers with deep purple-pink veins - in a summer flower border

“We really, really like the PlantingPlanner... a great value product as it has saved us so much time when designing plans for clients”

“OMG - it is FANTASTIC - and exactly what I needed! I have been searching hard for exactly this kind of program for a while and there doesn't appear to be anything else like this available for UK gardens - you have a gem.”

Delicate misty blue and white flowers of Nigella, with feathery foliage, in a summer garden border.
The four deep rose-red bracts surrounding the insignificant flower of a small Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Chief’ tree in a spring border.
A clump of three small, delicate, papery light-blue, bell-shaped Campanula rotundifolia (Harebell) flowers in a summer wild border.

“I’ve downloaded the software and I love it!”

“A very useful piece of software for anyone designing or replanting borders in the garden.”

“It is really great, and I love the way you can keep re-generating plans… Thanks again for putting together such a useful app.”

“Excellent product with detailed information about the plants.”

“How wonderful to have found such a fantastic program - it is brilliant. We are completely remodelling our garden and I was really struggling to find anything that was any help - the answer to my prayers.”

“Exceptionally good technical support.”

“Hi! Just want to say that your program is fantastic and takes a lot of the hard work out of planning a garden.”

“First rate program for any horticulturist or just the weekend gardener program full of very good information in plain English so is easy to use for perfect results from a mansion house to a back yard.”

“Excellent product and prompt reply to my enquiry prior to purchase.”

“Outstanding program for the amateur gardener and pro alike.”

“Simple to set up and use and works really well. It has a comprehensive database of plants with pictures and season guides and comes up with good suggestions for planting which is exactly what I was looking for.”

“An excellent program. The interface is very intuitive and makes producing some very nice planting plans easy… pretty much perfect.”

“I’d like to thank and congratulate you for producing such a wonderful application.”

“At the moment I’m doing a complete "re-design" of my garden in phases. Your Planner certainly helps stop my head whizzing with investigating all the possible relevant plants.”

“An excellent program, it gives good suggestions for plants and designs from its database.”

“First software specifically aimed at UK plants and planting. Absolutely brilliant easy to use and would recommend it to anyone.”

“I like the product a lot and luckily my zone 6 aligns with the coldest region in the UK. There are a lot of landscape design products on the market but you have the only plantsman product I have found.”

U.S. customer